We can guarantee shipments throughout Italy and Europe, single items and pallets, working with company partnerships and affiliation to the main sector networks, dealing with any type of delivery.

We believe a combination of high level knowledge and ability can build an expert network where everyone pulls together in a single, coherently organised structure.

Daily departures to direct branches: In Puglia - Trani (BA) and Matino (LE) with 24 hour express delivery in the whole Region; in Abruzzo - Corropoli (TE)
Direct connections: in Campania - Caserta (CE); in Lazio - Roma(RM)

A new service has been in operation since 2015 to Albania, with weekly departures including customs procedures and assistance, preparation of waybills, customs documents for transfer into Albania and subsequent return with finished products.

Shipments of single items, express, groupage, pallets up to and including import/export of containers

Working with a nationwide network of over 200 companies, we guarantee delivery in 24/48 hours both for single items and pallets.

Network specialising in transport of goods on pallets and enabling efficient exploitation of standardised dimensions with modular loading capacity of vehicles, thus optimising as far as possible the real costs of transport and giving the right quality/price ratio for all goods that can be made modular using pallets.

Fuel Surcharge

The FUEL SURCHARGE is a percentage variation of the contractual freight (cost of transport from tariff without additional costs) based on the price of diesel in the month preceding the invoicing month.

The price of diesel will be the one published by the Ministry under the heading car diesel(Open link)

Download communication JUNE 2024 + 3%

The company is therefore forced to apply on the invoice the unruly increase in the cost of fuel based on the percentage of its impact on the composition of the transport tariffs.