We provide a series of Transport-based services for and on behalf of our customers with the utmost care and attention

Services Additional To Transport

  • Collection Of Payments On Delivery
    Collection of payment due to you is carried out by us, strictly in accordance with the instructions of the sender of the goods and with prompt delivery of the payment received in cash, bankers draft, etc. Reimbursement of the amount to the sender is carried out quickly and safely with notification by registered letter or delivery by hand and always using procedures tried and tested over the years in difficult areas, such as Southern Italy;
  • Portering
    With prior arrangement and by request of the customer, delivery with a portering service is also available;
  • Epal Pallet Handling
    We provide the best handling of EPAL brand interchangeable pallets. Pallets are followed by computer, with individual customer numbers to ensure accuracy of the number of pallets incoming and outgoing;
  • Palletising Shipments
    We ensure palletisation, as well as external packaging of goods, according to customer requirements, to deliver rapidly and safely all shipments entrusted to us;
  • Issue Of Waybills And Package Labels
    In accordance with customer indications, we can take care of all the bureaucratic stages of delivery, issue of the sender’s waybill, accompanying documents and our own package label, as well as a customer label, to ensure that we have taken charge of the shipment and that its progress can be followed.

Material Subject To Adr (accord Dangereuses Route) Handling

Shipments under ADR are carried out under special regulations, since they involve dangerous goods, and may only be carried by companies, like ours, capable of providing services with a high standard of technological and organisational specialisation; everything is done under the supervision and certification of a consultant, with ownership of special vehicles authorised for such transport and all drivers holding special licences obtained after a significant period of training on specialist courses, including passing public examinations.

Typical Activity

Carriage of goods for third parties, including dangerous goods, in large packages

Dangerous Goods Handled

Any dangerous goods that can be transported in large packages or with GIR. Up to now, mainly goods in ADR classes 3, 5.1, 6.1, 8 and 9.
However, we have the potential to carry all the goods under the ADR classification that are included on the official list of the Decree:

  • class 2 gases
  • class 3 flammable liquids
  • class 4.1 flammable solids
  • class 4.2 substances liable to spontaneous combustion
  • class 4.3 substances which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases
  • class 5.1 oxidizing substances
  • class 5.2 organic peroxides
  • class 6.1 toxic substances
  • class 6.2 infectious substances
  • class 7 not carried
  • class 8 corrosive substances
  • class 9 miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles
  • class 1.4.S light explosives that are compatible with other goods, for example fireworks

Loading Operation Carried Out

Loading of large packages, mainly with manoeuvres with fork lift trucks in accordance with regulations regarding methods for securing loads (applicable to vehicles with M.A.M. > 3.5 t) and required characteristics of the vehicle body. Carriage of dangerous goods, in large packages, is done with our own vehicles with a fixed structure loading area (caisson/tarpaulin/van).

Carriage of goods under HACCP regulations

Goods in this category must be carried appropriately separated from other types of goods, with completely different loading methods laid down by permits issued by the responsible Offices for Productive Activity, who share Health protocols meeting requirements for hygiene that comply with the EC Regulation 822/2004, regulated by provisions in force. Owing to the experience we have acquired over the years and our knowledge of the geographical areas we move in, we are qualified to carry any foodstuffs that are subject to these regulations.